Premium Home-Based Tutor – OUTSOURCED

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Enjoy a work from home with fixed pay as a premium tutor. This offer is from May 2018 until July 2018.

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Philippine-issued TIN

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IMPORTANT: Applying for the premium tutor position means you agree to the job details, pay rates, and requirements indicated below.

Job Details

  • Conduct English lessons at home to Japanese clients using Weblio’s own learning platform
  • Premium tutor schedule: Mondays to Fridays 08:00-17:00 (not all time slots have booked lessons)
  • Premium tutor program will start from May 2018 until July 2018
  • You can still conduct regular lessons as a regular tutor after June 2018

Salary and Bonuses

  • As a premium tutor
    ○ Fixed premium tutor fee of Php 15,000 per month from May 2018 until July 2018**
    ○ Get a Php 2,000 good attendance bonus monthly as a premium tutor from May 2018 until July 2018**
    ○ ** prorated fee
  • As a new hire
    ○ Receive a one-time signing bonus of Php 2,000 for your first 200 accumulated completed lessons
  • When you conduct regular lessons outside your premium tutor schedule
    ○ Initial hourly rate: either Php 100 or Php 110 (can increase up to Php 150)
    ○ Receive an additional Php 10 for every regular class you conduct outside of your premium tutor schedule


  • Must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree or Associate Degree in any field
  • Required skill(s): highly proficient in both oral and written English, excellent tutoring skills, excellent time management skills, highly-motivated and passionate in teaching, good at multitasking and troubleshooting, can deal with different personality types
  • Applicant must be living in the Philippines
  • Applicant must have a tax identification number issued in the Philippines
  • PC specs requirements:
    ○ Laptop or desktop PC only
    ○ OS: at least Windows 7 or OS X Mountain Lion or higher
    ○ CPU: at least Core 2 Duo or higher, Mac
    ○ Memory: at least 4 GB or higher
    ○ Resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher
  • Internet Requirements:
    ○ Internet must be either DSL or Fiber (or any internet plan higher)
    ○ At least 3 mbps actual download speed
    ○ Wired connection
    ○ Preferably unlimited data or at least 100 GB or higher
  • Other requirements:
    ○ Clean and white teaching background
    ○ Headset with noise cancelling feature

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