Privacy Policy


The role and importance of trust in all kinds of engagement efforts cannot be under-estimated. It builds strong relationships in every step of the way. Here at Weblio Philippines Inc., we want to build strong relationships with our users, tutors and staffs by assuring you that we are reliable and that we can be trusted.

In a digital world, confidentiality is one of the primary keys in the development and maintenance of trust between two parties. Maintaining confidentiality is a form of business norm and with that, an immediate expectation forms that a private information is kept confidential unless a justifiable event or situation shows that it should not be. It is a strong oppose in interest, privately and publicly in terms of confidentiality to disclose information of high value and constraint.

In the run of offering online English tutorial services to large diverse users, our company has acquired and is continuously acquiring a vast number of private and personal information from our users, tutors and staffs. Being a company of strong value dealing with confidentiality, it has been our pursuit to guard and protect such private information from any form of disclosure or leakage. Our commitment in overseeing the safety of such information largely defines and reflect the way we represent our company in dependability. Because we know your privacy is important, we are committed in protecting such private and personal information in every possible way to maintain the credibility and reliability of our company when it comes to dealing with confidentiality.

Being of high importance to us, we firmly declare our stand as part of our core value and social responsibility to bind ourselves in the safeguard of all private and personal information we use in our business, to establish and develop the best system and rulings in fulfilling our responsibility in the form of a “Personal Information Confidentiality Administration” which will adhere to our principles in protecting personal and confidential information.

Gathering, Regulation and Provision of Personal Information

Your privacy is important to you and to us. So we’ll protect the information you share with us. It is within our scope to properly gather personal and private information required by our system and to solely use gathered information in performing duties and other matters that are mainly related to our business. To protect your privacy, we will follow principles in accordance with worldwide practices for customer privacy and data protection.

We won’t sell nor give away your name, mail address, phone number, email address or any other information to anyone. We keep your Personal Information in our business records while you are connected, or until it is no longer needed for business, tax or legal purposes.

We will keep your information safe using appropriate security controls to keep it from unauthorized users and access.

Observance of Laws and Regulations

In the conduct of managing and safeguarding the confidentiality of your personal and private information, we agree to observe the policies, ordinances and other norms stipulated by the government such as the Philippine Republic Act No. 10173 also known as the Implementation of Measures for Securing Personal Information Protection. This aims to protect individual personal information in information and communication systems in the government and the private sector, creating for this purpose a national privacy commission and for other purposes.

Measures for Personal Information Confidentiality Administration

Our Privacy Policy also applies to your use of all services, websites as well with the information sent to you through mails, e-mails, text messages etc., unless they have a different privacy policy. In order to improve our relationship with you, we would require you to keep information private and confidential unless it was expressed that it is for the publics use.

To ensure the confidentiality of every personal information, a system called “Personal Information Confidentiality Administration” was formed to educate and guide every tutor in preventing loss, destruction, falsification, damage or leakage of personal and private information. In addition, other measure of controls will be effected through observations, investigation, confirmation, and internal audits etc. In a complicated, fast-paced, and service-oriented culture, we will make sure that all sorts of effort are conducted in detecting those that will not adhere. Proper action shall be taken at an early point making sure that occurrence of such activity will be prevented in the future.

Complaints and Consultations with regard to Handling of Personal Information

To facilitate and monitor every matter concerning handling of the personal and private information, we have established an “Information Service Team” to deal with concerns as soon as possible.

Constant Improvement of Personal Information Confidentiality Administration

To maintain our standard in a fast paced environment, we will continuously devote ourselves in improving existing rules, regulations and practices enabling us to keep up with the changes and at the same time come up with a more reliable control for everyone’s security and advantage.