Meet Tutor Joie

“Why do you love your job?” – is a question that is both difficult and easy to answer. There are people who would answer that they love their jobs because of money, others would answer that they do not love their jobs at all and are only keeping them out of necessity. Some people would[…]

Weblio Philippines’ president on cultural differences, working experience, and his definition of home

Sho Takeda has been in the Philippines for three years. He grew up in Yamagata, graduated from Tohoku University with a degree in Educational Psychology, and studied abroad for a few years. He has been the President of Weblio Philippines, Inc. since 2014. Weblio Philippines’ Human Resource staff, Louella Vizcarra sat down with him to[…]

Students celebrate White Day with Weblio Eikaiwa

    March 14, 2017–Weblio students celebrated White Day by participating in the live group lesson hosted by Weblio Eikaiwa. All wearing white, office-based tutors namely Jane, Kat, Dindi, Noly, and Lyca opened the online english conversation at 6PM PST. Japan’s answer to Valentine’s Day Japanese students shared how they customarily spend White Day with men[…]

Weblio reimagines virtual classroom

March 1, 2017—Weblio, Inc. unveiled its own web-based learning platform—WebRTC. Packed with a wide range of highly integrated functions, the system is designed to deliver an easier, updated, and individualized virtual learning experience. Usability and interface: WebRTC features all fundamental virtual classroom functionalities in a straightforward, one-window interface that does not require switching between multiple[…]

Challenges of Online Tutoring and How to Cope with Them

When you think of online tutoring, you may imagine people working from home or anywhere they want. Online tutoring definitely has its advantages, but there are a lot of uncontrollable circumstances that come along with it as well. Now, let me help you deal with the realities of online tutoring. 1. Teaching environment Online tutoring[…]

How to be a Home Based Tutor: Skills and Equipment

Technological innovation has led to the birth of many online jobs, like working as a home based tutor. Online teaching and learning offer flexibility and comfort to both the teachers and the students. In the past few years, e-learning has become popular worldwide due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Accomplished newly graduates are drifting towards[…]