Company Profile

Establishment in Tokyo Japan. We started with “IT vocabulary binary dictionary.” Very first step for our English learning system.
Started online English-Japanese dictionary services. From the beginning, we were focusing on SEO aspect of dictionary business, so users can obtain information they need more easier and faster, which, comes for FREE.
Started offering “English vocabulary notebook” for individual users, which is associated with the online English dictionary. Due to this, we have stable amount of repeating users, who also visit tutorial services.
Opened websites for Smartphones, which allow all user to enjoy almost full feature we have on smartphones. This means they are connected to our service even more. They use our services in daily basis.
Launched “English translation APP.” Now that we have concentrated more on Smartphone users, we made an app to allow them to translate English into Japanese whenever they need, for FREE. The more they use our services, the higher possibility for you to have students.
Opened online English tutorial services. As you can see above, we have stable amount of users due to our other services like the dictionary and translation app, and that makes our company different from others; we offer total learning experience.
Launched “AI English tutorial.” With this, students can talk to AI in English. Don’t worry, it’s still not capable of replacing your place. But in accordance to our policy, we don’t hesitate to try something new.
Launched WebRTC – Weblio’s own learning platform.
Company Overview
Weblio, Inc is the leading online-dictionary provider in Japan.
If you are interested in, kindly visit our dictionary site.

We also started online English tutorial services in Makati city, Philippines in Aug 2014 as a part of its dynamic learning system. We have been offering online teaching jobs, including both home based teaching and office based jobs.

Weblio, Inc.’s Philippine office was established in August 2014. In less than a year, it has managed to broaden its operations from hiring home-based tutors to offering office-based tutorial opportunities to job seekers.
Please note: We do not accept walk-in applicants.Please apply online.

Company Concept
To foster both users’ and tutors’ happiness by enhancing intellectual productivity and education level.
Code of Conduct
1. Always contribute to improvement and prosperity of society and culture.
2. Always have long-term perspective.
3. Always have challenge spirit.
4. Always approach tasks from scientific perspective.
5. Never forget to appreciate.