Rate per Lesson

RankPer LessonPer HourNote
A75150You are a great tutor!
B70140You’re doing nice! Almost there.
C65130You would have some loyal students at this level. Keep it up!
D60120Improve your teaching skills to go higher!
E55110Get used to the system and teaching to have more lessons!
F50100A lot of tutors start from here.
  • Tutor rank will increase or decrease depending on whether or not you comply to the criteria set by the company. (See Tutor Contract).
  • To get a raise, you should keep your cancelled lessons and missed lessons to a minimum and you should also open more slots and conduct more lessons.
  • We also have a signing bonus after you’ve completed your first 200 lessons in Weblio!

How much do I earn a month?

tutor fee calc
  • The more lessons you conduct, the more you earn.
  • You may conduct lessons anytime you want, but to get paid more, we recommend you to open your schedule constantly.
  • Corresponding tax and penalties shall be deducted from the gross amount.


Completion Bonus
You’re entitled to receive either ₱ 250 or ₱ 500 depending on your number of completed lessons.
Premium Bonus
Premium Bonus
This is offered to qualified tutors who passed a certain criteria.
Signing Bonus
Signing Bonus
You’ll receive a signing bonus of ₱ 2,000 after you’ve completed your first 200 lessons in Weblio.
Open Slots
Open Slots
We give occasional incentives for opening your slots at a certain period of time.
  • Please note that the bonuses and their criteria are subject to updates.
  • Those who wish to receive the bonuses must pass the criteria.
  • Premium tutors are hired based on current demands.
  • Details on some of the bonuses shall be informed during the interview. Other bonuses shall be discussed upon request by successful Weblio tutor applicants.


Your compensation is calculated with the following formula:

  • Hourly rate * Number of completed lessons
  • Less penalty
  • Less withholding tax

We have prepared a Simulator so you can have an estimate on your tutorial fee.

Example 1: 20 lessons per day, 22 days per month

Example 2: 10 lessons per day, 15 days per month

Example 3: 8 lessons per day, 10 days per month

  • Constant opening of schedule would attract loyal students in the future.
  • If you are busy, you may still open and conduct your lessons whenever you want to. Enjoy flexible home-based teaching!