Why Weblio?


weblio offers the best learning opportunities and tools for all learners for the most affordable price — starting from the biggest online dictionary in Japan to vocab checker, personal vocab list, translator, they all come for free so everyone can avail our services.
We hope many students will be learning through our services. But first, we must be the ones who wish to learn in order to be able to offer the best services and tools.

Not only students are learners.

We believe the pleasure of learning and achieving goals is key to productive lives, creating and widening our possibilities. We are doing our best to make an environment in which all stakeholders can learn something including tutors and employees.

In contrast to the fact that most of our services are provided thorough computer programs, live, energetic verbal communication is crucial especially for Japanese students whose English verbal output is always insufficient. You may think of “just another online English school,” but what we are trying to become is a little bit more than that. We believe we can provide the most comprehensive learning experience by combining online English tutorial and our other services such as the dictionary, and to achieve the goal, we are willing to make through effort.

Comprehensive, full-covered English ⇔ Japanese learning system.

We are looking forward to work with those who desires to learn with us, help other learners with us. Let’s make it happen. Join our learning system!


weblio’s goal is to provide the best learning opportunity for everyone.
Although speaking part of English is important, learners always need much more comprehensive and full-covered English learning services. In other words, speaking service itself shall not complete as a English learning service.
Here are some of our services with which everyone truly can learn English in the most effective manner. We are always waiting for tutors who want’s to join this dynamic learning system.

Tutors’ voice

I’ve always dreamt of having an English teaching job and I want to thank Weblio for making my dream come true. Weblio highly encourages its teachers to make sure students have fun while they learn the English language. Having said that, I’m given the chance to discover and develop my techniques, styles, and creativity in teaching.
I can say that I’m really lucky to be working as an Online Teacher for Weblio. I can see the company’s passion towards what they offer to the students and their desire to give their tutors a worthwhile teaching experience at the same time. Weblio has helped bring out the best that I can be as a tutor.
I’ve spent months looking for online teaching jobs until I’ve finally found Weblio. There are a lot of jobs online but very few are reliable and I’m happy to be a part of a company that is not only legitimate but values its tutors as much as it does its students.
Through online tutorial jobs like what Weblio offers, tutors like me meet new people and make new friends each day. Tutors like me also get to fulfill their dream of becoming a teacher and learn about Japanese culture through the eyes of students who always come to class with a big smile and a huge will to learn.
Work-life balance is really important to me that’s why I’m thankful that I got to have the opportunity to work as one of Weblio’s home based online tutors. I can be productive while working from home and I can also earn money without having to deal with the everyday hassle of commuting.
I can’t thank Weblio Phils. enough for everything. Being an online English tutor has given me the opportunity to get to know not just the students but also the beautiful culture and tradition of Japanese people. As an online English tutor, I am also happy to be surrounded by people who are friendly and accommodating.
As an online ESL tutor at Weblio Philippines Inc., I can work in a comfortable, stress-free environment. Every day, I learn something new from and about my students. My students’ eagerness to heed my words and enthusiasm to learn English truly motivate me to do my best to help them.
Being an online tutor is rewarding for me. With Weblio Philippines Inc., we online tutors help Japanese students and professionals discover their potentials, and teach them to communicate effectively in English.
Karen S.
Commute within Metro Manila can be stressful nowadays so I find online ESL jobs practical and convenient. You’re free from the 8 to 5 weekday schedule, allowing you to accomplish other important things. The flexibility in schedule and competitive wage make working here rewarding. If you have passion in teaching, this is the perfect opportunity for you.
It’s been a privilege for me to work in Weblio together with some of the most passionate, active, and talented teachers in sharing knowledge to different students. Weblio has given me the opportunity to explore new horizons in education. Weblio offers a very flexible schedule so I was able to do both studying and working at the same time.

Student’s voice




In addition to the fact that weblio tutors teach students English words and expressions we don’t know, it comes in handy that we can also avail weblio’s online dictionary even after our lessons.

We can learn Filipino culture and lives from our tutors during our lessons, which enables us to widen our vision toward the world, as we can learn not only English but also whatever topic we want to learn through a perspective from different culture.

While Filipino tutors are fun and energetic and don’t hesitate to do best during teaching, even beginners can enjoy lessons.