Kindly read and follow the instructions carefully.
You're done with this! Proceed to Step 4.
You're done with this! Proceed to Step 4.
You're done with this! Proceed to Step 4.
To proceed to the New Tutors Workshop, follow these detailed instructions:
  1. Test Call and Interview:
    • Successfully complete the Test Call and Interview with the Recruitment representative.
  2. Google Form:
    • Once you have passed the Test Call and Interview, you will be provided with a Google form.
    • Access the Google form using the following link:
    • Fill out the form with the necessary details and submit it.
    • Make sure to indicate your preferred schedule for the New Tutors Workshop.
  3. Workshop Schedule Confirmation:
    • After submitting the Google form, wait for an email confirmation from the organization.
    • The email confirmation will include your final schedule for the workshop.
    • This confirmation email will typically be sent the day before the first part of your workshop.
  4. New Tutors Workshop:
    • On the day of your workshop, make sure to be prepared and follow these steps:
    • Join the Google Meet session using the provided link 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
    • Upon joining, your trainer will conduct a device check. Test your microphone and camera to ensure they are working properly.
    • The trainer will also share a link to the workshop manual. Open it from your end and keep it accessible throughout the workshop.
    • Be punctual and ready for the workshop to start at the scheduled time.
  5. Workshop Completion:
    • Once you have gone through all parts of the workshop as instructed by your trainer, there will be a final step:
    • Complete a survey form that will be provided to you.
    • Fill out the survey form according to the instructions given.
    Following these detailed instructions will help you proceed smoothly through the New Tutors Workshop and ensure you have a successful experience.
What should I do to proceed to the Online Demo?
Read and follow the steps below:
  1. Check your email, including spam mail. You will receive the same instructions stated below.
  2. Complete the 3-part New Tutors Workshop.
  3. Plot your Demo schedule via Calendly. Link will be given once you were able to complete prerequisites.
What should I expect during the Online Demo?
Here are the things you need to do:
  1. Go to your tutor dashboard and log-in your account.
  2. Go to Today's Lesson page for your booked demo.
  3. Enter the lesson page 2-3 minutes before your demo class.
  4. Conduct a 15-minute demo class with your student.
  5. Wait for our Recruitment representative for the remaining 10 minutes for your feedback.
You will be given instructions once you pass the demo.  
Click the link to watch:  
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