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“Why do you love your job?” – is a question that is both difficult and easy to answer. There are people who would answer that they love their jobs because of money, others would answer that they do not love their jobs at all and are only keeping them out of necessity. Some people would say that their love for their jobs is conditional – which means that they will only love their jobs if they constantly acquiesce to their demands, but there are still people who just simply love their jobs.

All these answers are valid – as nobody else aside from us could feel whether we love our jobs or not. This year, Weblio Philippines’ up-and-coming president, Shinto Mitsunaga, has visited some of our home-based tutors. He mentions that it’s an ongoing project of his to meet all of Weblio’s hardworking tutors – as a way of expressing gratitude to the endless services they continue to provide and to motivate them to do their best.

We live in a time where our constant dedication to our respective jobs is rightfully rewarded, we should also learn to take it easy. By using this time to reflect on our own motivations, desires, and sometimes our insecurities – we might be able to find the path that will lead us to answer the question, “Why do you love your job?”

We hope that our tutors have also found their own answers to this question.

The genuine bonds we make with people over time, are important for us. The internet has made huge strides in improving the means in which we communicate with others – we are no longer bound by time, location, and sometimes, culture, when it comes to reaching out to other people.

Being a Weblio tutor is a prime example of this.

Most feel that the internet and technology-based interactions come off as impersonal and detached, due to the lack of another person’s physical presence. However, Joie Azarcon does not find them to be detached and impersonal.

Joie, a 22-year old girl from the city of Caloocan, is one of Weblio’s home-based tutors. She became a Weblio tutor by her friends’ recommendation and stayed because of the positive teaching environment the company fosters.

She finds the connections formed with her students to be meaningful and genuine, despite the cultural and language differences; the virtual aspect of the communication platform does not get in the way.

There is an underlying charm to someone who is unflinchingly genuine and unpretentious, in the face of maintaining a disciplined work-life balance. In a world where a person’s reputation and image are held to extreme scrutiny and analysis, it is refreshing to find someone like Joie, who shares these positive attributes in her day-to-day interactions with her students. She also imparts this to her two sons who continue to serve as inspirations for her.

When asked about her motivations to teach for Weblio, she honestly answers that it is her students that drives her to do her best. There is an innate satisfaction a person derives from helping people and making a small yet meaningful impact in one’s life. For Joie, as an Education major, her passion in teaching and her love for her students realizes this.

With Weblio, she gets the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in passing her knowledge to others knowing that it would help them in their future endeavors, so much like her students who has learned from their classes with her. The experience of being a Weblio tutor has taught Joie to understand that despite the fleeting and almost ephemeral connections she makes with her students, it will always be meaningful and forever helpful.

7 thoughts on “Meet Tutor Joie

  • A very touching story from one of your tutors. Nothing can surpass the satisfaction that you get when you do the things you love 😉

  • As what i firmly believe , If you love what you are doing you will end up doing it happily all over again , in spite of of hindrances that make us feel weaker , if we do have commitment and determination nothing is impossible to achieve , there’s a lot of inspiring stories but just few are inspired to continue .

  • I was surprised that Weblio has this kind of interaction with their teachers. I thought everything will only be through online. I’m very touched with the answer of Teacher Joie when she was asked about her motivations as I’m also a teacher. Sharing knowledge is the main purpose why we teach. Knowing that your students are learning from you is really an achievement.

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