Students celebrate White Day with Weblio Eikaiwa

    March 14, 2017–Weblio students celebrated White Day by participating in the live group lesson hosted by Weblio Eikaiwa. All wearing white, office-based tutors namely Jane, Kat, Dindi, Noly, and Lyca opened the online english conversation at 6PM PST. Japan’s answer to Valentine’s Day Japanese students shared how they customarily spend White Day with men[…]

Weblio reimagines virtual classroom

March 1, 2017—Weblio, Inc. unveiled its own web-based learning platform—WebRTC. Packed with a wide range of highly integrated functions, the system is designed to deliver an easier, updated, and individualized virtual learning experience. Usability and interface: WebRTC features all fundamental virtual classroom functionalities in a straightforward, one-window interface that does not require switching between multiple[…]