What Makes an Effective Online Tutor


Many professionals, especially those who are looking into working from the convenience of their home, are
gravitating towards online teaching. To ensure only the best quality of education is delivered in this setup, here is a list of factors one must consider to be an effective online tutor:


1. Time-Management Skills
Online teaching isn’t that different from teaching in a conventional classroom setting when it comes to conducting different activities, drills, and tests. The online tutor should allot adequate time to accomplish each task without compromising the quality of the lesson. Every minute counts, so planning ahead of time and taking the lead appropriately during the lesson will help the teacher get a better grasp of the lesson flow.

2. Ability to Adjust to the Student’s Level

Every student differs with how fast they learn a certain skill. The tutor may begin with a language proficiency assessment and adjust the techniques of instruction according to his/her level-set. Let’s say a student has only started to learn English. In this case, the use of simple words, slower speaking pace, and basic instructions will be helpful. Online tutors should be flexible with their teaching strategies.

3. Good Interpersonal Skills & Encouraging Attitude

The ability to put people at ease is a soft skill that every good tutor should possess. When students feel comfortable, they are able to pick up new information easier. In learning a foreign language, confidence among learners is also important. To do this, online tutors should be able to establish a friendly environment while remaining professional throughout the class.

Online tutors shouldn’t just guide the students but also encourage them. Giving the students full attention is a good way to show sincerity in helping them. Praises given in a timely and creative manner will also go a long way. Remember that when students feel their effort is recognized and valued, they are more likely to be interested and eager to learn more.

4. Effective Communication Skills

Whether you are an online tutor, having strong communication skills is the key to being efficient in teaching. A tutor can be knowledgeable, but if the tutor isn’t competent enough in conveying what he or she intends, then it will still not benefit the student.

5. Content Knowledge

To be a great tutor, one must have incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter he or she is teaching. Online tutors approach each concept in small, manageable units to allow the students to take it in conclusively. A great tutor always makes sure his or her students learn something new in every opportunity they get.

To sum it all up, these characteristics are interconnected and easy to develop. It is a great joy to witness a student develop and grow. Students who are struggling need the help of a tutor and these characteristics will serve you well as a tutor despite the distance.

Teaching language isn’t just about teaching but exposing one’s self to various cultures. While teaching is not for everyone, and some of these traits are innate for some online tutors, anyone who wishes to be one with an open mind will make a good teacher.

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