Challenges of Online Tutoring and How to Cope with Them

When you think of online tutoring, you may imagine people working from home or anywhere they want. Online tutoring definitely has its advantages, but there are a lot of uncontrollable circumstances that come along with it as well. Now, let me help you deal with the realities of online tutoring. 1. Teaching environment Online tutoring Read more about Challenges of Online Tutoring and How to Cope with Them[…]

How to be a Home Based Tutor: Skills and Equipment

Technological innovation has led to the birth of many online jobs, like working as a home based tutor. Online teaching and learning offer flexibility and comfort to both the teachers and the students. In the past few years, e-learning has become popular worldwide due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Accomplished newly graduates are drifting towards Read more about How to be a Home Based Tutor: Skills and Equipment[…]

What Makes an Effective Online Tutor

Many professionals, especially those who are looking into working from the convenience of their home, are gravitating towards online teaching. To ensure only the best quality of education is delivered in this setup, here is a list of factors one must consider to be an effective online tutor:   1. Time-Management Skills Online teaching isn’t Read more about What Makes an Effective Online Tutor[…]

Greeting in Japanese

目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Summary Expression Examples Note Dialogue Examples Summary Greeting あいさつ/挨拶 greeting aisatsu This time, we will take a look at how to greet in Japanese. Your students are nervous at the beginning of lessons. If you can greet them in Japanese, you would be able to let them feel more relaxed, Read more about Greeting in Japanese[…]

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