Autumn Day

Autumn is coming…

こめ – kome – rice

Ears of rice turn bright yellow after being raised through an entire year. Harvest season lasts for a month.


ゆず – yuzu – yuzu citrus

Its distinctive yellow and flavor is loved by many. Some place them in their bathtubs to enjoy its scent.


くり – kuri – chestnut

I still regret dropping this natural weapon onto my grandma’s back from a tree some years ago. Sorry grandma, didn’t mean it.


コスモス – kousmosu – cosmos

Also written as 秋桜 (Autumn cherry blossom), many visit mountains to see this iconic symbol flower in Autumn.


えだまめ – edamame – young soybeans

All time favorite for beer lovers, but not just for them. It’s widely eaten after being boiled and tasted with salt.


いちょう – icho – ginkgo

While it is mostly planted along along the streets, it can be seen in cities too.


さつまいも – satsumaimo – sweet potato

This symbolic food during Autumn is widely eaten in Japan. It’s often cooked using heated stones.


もみじ – momiji – maple

It is perhaps the most popular symbol that turns cities and mountains into a beautiful scenery.


かき – kaki – persimmon

Some of this can’t be eaten without cooking as it has a heavy astringent taste; while some are for raw eating.

Autumn is coming. It is a season of wither, yet all the plants and flowers try to fulfill their lives colorfully. And for us human being, it’s time to harvest what we’ve worked for during the year, to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to enjoy the food. Also, I’d recommend you to go to Japan during October to see exactly what “fall” is like, where all leaves literally fall from trees except for coniferous trees. That could be something new for you.

We hope this post can help you find conversation topics with your students, and understand Japanese culture better.

Places to visit
Even in the middle of a city, you can enjoy Autumn in this park.
Tokyo, Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, METI, CC BY 4.0 International
Located at 10-minutes distance from Tokyo station by train, Korakuen park is loved by many for its bright red maple trees in a Japanese garden.

Looks better at night.
Fukushima Shiramizu Amida-do Hall (National Treasure), METI, CC BY 4.0 International
A temple or shrine goes well with red maple leaves. While those places welcome everyone regardless of your religion or belief, you can just visit there for sightseeing.

And of course, you can enjoy nature if you go further.
Shizuoka, Shuzenji Onsen Town, METI, CC BY 4.0 International
If you want to enjoy Autumn in a natural environment, take an hour long train ride and visit here. Beautiful nature, hot spring, nice food await you.

Words and expressions related to Autumn
No offense
Women’s temper and sky in Autumn
onna gokoro to aki no sora
This expression is used to describe something that changes very often, as climate during Autumn in Japan can vary often just like… no offense though :p
Good season to relax outside during the night
Long nights in Autumn
aki no yonaga
While being not too cold to go out like Winter yet, and not too hot like summer of course, you may be able to enjoy comfortable temperature at night. I wonder how people who invented this expression enjoyed themselves in the past.
They say Autumn is a season for…
Playing soprts
supo-tsu no aki
dokusho no aki
shokuyoku no aki
geijutsu no aki
supo-tsu = sports
dokusho = reading
shokuyoku = appetite
geijutsu = art
Try a tongue twister!
A customer in the next house eats a lot of persimmons
tonari no kyaku ha yoku kaki kuu kyaku da

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