Challenges of Online Tutoring and How to Cope with Them

When you think of online tutoring, you may imagine people working from home or anywhere they want. Online tutoring definitely has its advantages, but there are a lot of uncontrollable circumstances that come along with it as well.
Now, let me help you deal with the realities of online tutoring.
1. Teaching environment
Online tutoring utilizes technology differently from a traditional classroom. So the teaching environment online is naturally different from the classroom set-up. The online tutor must exert extra effort to reach to the student and address his/her learning needs appropriately. You may visit this page for some ideas .
2. Internet connection or technical issues
No matter how much a tutor plans for the lesson, things don’t always happen as expected. In coping up with perennial internet connection problems, both the tutor and the student must focus on the class, and close unnecessary programs that may cause distraction. For technical issues, identify the specific problem and perform simple troubleshooting if needed. Choose the best software in conducting your classes. Finish software updates and make it a habit to check your equipment in advance to prevent or lessen online class issues.
3. Insufficient student support
How to handle your wayward but ever loyal students? In online tutoring, there is no physical contact though the tutor must be able to get to the student’s good side. This can be achieved by engaging students into simple and friendly conversations to begin with. Tutors must be able to show support by giving healthy amount of praises and encouragement for the student to study further, most especially to young ones who easily get bored. Render a “catchy” or real-world situation that relates the tutoring content to a topic your student might be interested in.
4. Cultural sensitivity
We don’t need a degree in Anthropology here, but cultural sensitivity is essential. Tutors and students come from different races and cultures. There are things that are OK with the tutor’s culture but not with the student’s, and vice versa. This challenge can be seen as a learning experience as the tutor attempts to understand the student better. If you can speak your student’s language, good for you. If you can’t, give a high amount of effort in familiarizing yourself with the backgrounds of potential students–the do’s and don’ts. Also, avoid asking questions that are too personal. Don’t forget, we’re here to teach not to interrogate. You may check out this link for more ideas.
5. Time constraints
Always in a hurry? Lessons usually lasts for about 25 minutes, and students may feel overwhelmed with the session. In this case, efficient time management skill is a must. You may try dividing your lesson flow into three parts: introduction; lesson proper; and closing. Make sure to lead a smooth transition. However, the important thing is not to rush the student as s/he needs to process his/her thoughts. Tutors must always consider the learner’s pace by applying the 70:30 method. Students usually need more time to absorb everything. After all, online tutoring is supposed to be student-centric, so just chill and teach.
6. Tight competition
As part of the learning process, an online tutor must also upgrade him/herself to be a better tutor. Cyberspace is literally another world. There are various people or services with the same motives and expertise as yours. Try upgrading your profile, or your teaching style. Always make room for improvements. Exceed your students expectation, and aim for the best remarks in each class. In this way, you’ll surely attract more students in no time.

In a nutshell, online tutoring has it ups and downs. It’s full of amazing perks and rigid challenges. However, online tutoring itself is a challenge, where one must overcome passionately and uniquely in order to stand out and last.

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