Students celebrate White Day with Weblio Eikaiwa


March 14, 2017–Weblio students celebrated White Day by participating in the live group lesson hosted by Weblio Eikaiwa. All wearing white, office-based tutors namely Jane, Kat, Dindi, Noly, and Lyca opened the online english conversation at 6PM PST.

Japan’s answer to Valentine’s Day
Japanese students shared how they customarily spend White Day with men reciprocating the chocolates given by women every 14th of February. They fondly call this event “Answer Day”, the most awaited time where men respond to women’s confession exactly a month ago. Theme-related topics such as love and relationships were also brought up during the english conversation.

Live on Facebook
While the said virtual conversation was carried out through video chat, some home-based tutors also took part in the event via its live broadcast on Facebook.

More conversations to come
This is not the first time Weblio hosted such event. They had a movie-themed group lesson last year, a Christmas special, and a Valentine’s edition which inspired the latest theme. Before the lesson ended, tutors invited the students to join them again, and watch out for the announcement of the next live group lesson.

White Day Talk Show

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