Self introduction and greeting in Japanese


Hello everyone.

This time, you will learn how to greet someone for the first time.

このページのみかた How to read this page
Depending on situations, there can be more than one expression that stands for an English expression/word.
Here, we explain how to choose appropriate words with these icons below.
シンプルなビジネスバッグFormal Expression フォーマルな言い方
ハートのマーク3Friendly Expression くだけた言い方
注意マークの線画アイコンNOTE 気を付けること
Also, if ever you have trouble understanding Japanese expressions or words in this content, kindly visit our site: weblio dictionary.

Now, let’s begin!

Hello. Hi.
こんにちは。(Kon nichi wa)ハートのマーク3やあ。(Yaa)
注意マークの線画アイコンIn most cases, “こんにちは” can be used for all-purpose greeting. Highly versatile, can be used for both formal and informal situations.
Good afternoon.

こんにちは。(Kon nichi wa)注意マークの線画アイコンYes, this one is also “こんにちは.”

Good morning.

おはようございます。(Ohayou gozaimasu)ハートのマーク3おはよう。(Ohayou)

Good evening.

こんばんは。(Kon ban wa)シンプルなビジネスバッグ夜分に失礼します。(Yabun ni shiturei shimasu)

さようなら。(Sayounara)ハートのマーク3じゃあね。(Ja a ne) またね。(Mata ne)
シンプルなビジネスバッグ失礼します。(Shitsurei shimasu)
注意マークの線画アイコンEspecially in formal situations, you may say “Shiturei shimasu” when you hung up a phone/Skype call.
Nice to meet you.
はじめまして。(Hajime mashite)シンプルなビジネスバッグ よろしくお願いします。(Yoroshiku onegai shimasu)
注意マークの線画アイコンThis can also be used for both formal and informal situations.
I am [your name]
私は[your name]です。 (Watashi ha [your name] desu.)ハートのマーク3俺は[your name] (Ore [your name]) 私は[your name] (Watashi ha [your name])
シンプルなビジネスバッグ私、[your name]と申します。(Watakushi, [your name]to moushi masu.)
注意マークの線画アイコンIn formal situation, you better pronounce “私” as “wataKUshi” while in informal situation, you may call yourself “watashi.” Tricky right?
What is your name?
あなたの名前は何ですか? (Anata no namae ha nandesuka?)ハートのマーク3名前聞いてもいいですか?(Namae kiitemo iidesu ka?)
シンプルなビジネスバッグお名前伺ってもよろしいですか?(Onamae ukagatte mo yoroshii desu ka?)
My hobby is [your hobby].

私の趣味は[your hobby]です。 (Watashi ho shumi ha [your hobby] desu.)注意マークの線画アイコン“趣味” = “Shumi” = Hobby

How did you find it?

I believe it’s a good way to break the ice to speak your listener’s language.

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Until next time, see you!

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