Icons of Skype, design on your shirt, eyes of your students etc. Knowing how to call colors in Japanese would always help to break the ice with your first timer students. 目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Names of colors Note Examples みなさんこんにちは Hi everyone! This time, we go over names of colors. Even without knowing[…]

Basic Questions

みなさんこんにちは Hi everyone! This time, we will go over some basic questions, such as the ones below. What did you eat for dinner? When did you start learning English? How was the lesson? We believe customer satisfaction contributes benefits of both tutors and students. The more flexible your lessons are, the more students will take[…]

How do I answer basic questions in Japanese?

White guy: What’s this!? Asian woman: That’s Sushi but… 目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Common expressions Variations Dialogue みなさんこんにちは Hi everyone Sometimes you should know how to answer your own questions in Japanese. This time, we will learn the most basic ways to answer questions in Japanese. Should you ever have any trouble translating JP ⇔[…]

What would you do when your student doesn’t understand “Do you understand that?”

目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents I live in… My hometown is… I am — years old. I am a (student/housewife). I work as a… I live with my family. Please introduce yourself. みなさんこんにちは Hi everyone Have you ever had an online English teaching lesson and had a hard time sharing basic information, such as your[…]

Instant effect! Practical Japanese expressions.

目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents I like it. I like you. I like your hair. I love you. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m sorry. Goodbye. こんにちは。 Hi everyone, 今年のフィリピンはなんで雨が降らないんでしょうか? Why isn’t it raining this year in the Philippines? それはともかく、今回は実戦で役立つ日本語の表現を勉強します。 Anyway, we are going to learn some practical Japanese expressions this time. 今回のコンテンツは実践的だけど、結構難しめになりそうなので注意です! Attention! The following[…]

Self introduction and greeting in Japanese

目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Hello. Hi. Good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening. Goodbye. Nice to meet you. I am [your name] What is your name? Video Clip みなさんこんにちは。 Hello everyone. 今日は初対面の人との挨拶の仕方を勉強します。 This time, you will learn how to greet someone for the first time. このページのみかた How to read this page ある一つの英単語を日本語で言うときに、場面によっていろいろな言い方がある場合があります。 ここはそれぞれの場面に応じた言い回しを下のアイコンで説明していきます。 Depending on situations,[…]