How do I answer basic questions in Japanese?

White guy: What’s this!? Asian woman: That’s Sushi but… 目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Common expressions Variations Dialogue みなさんこんにちは Hi everyone Sometimes you should know how to answer your own questions in Japanese. This time, we will learn the most basic ways to answer questions in Japanese. Should you ever have any trouble translating JP ⇔ Read more about How do I answer basic questions in Japanese?[…]

Common trouble shooting during lessons

目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Please say that again. Please repeat after me. Please click here. Where should I click?. I will call you again. Please wait. I can see/hear you. Can you hear/see me? I can’t hear/see you. Please add me as a contact. Please read the article. Please check the chatbox. Please open Read more about Common trouble shooting during lessons[…]