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For those who don’t speak English, taking an English lesson would be tough, no matter how hard you try to teach. Moreover, needless to say, it is no wonder English tutors have a hard time teaching them.

Here are some tips that might help you do your lessons with students who don’t speak English at all.
Should you ever have any trouble translating JP ⇔ EN, our dictionary site might help.

How to read this page
あOriginal Japanese expression
吹き出しのアイコン15 (2)Pronunciation
クエスチョンマーク (2)Notes

Also, if ever you have trouble understanding Japanese expressions or words in this content, kindly visit our site: weblio dictionary.

Now lets begin!

Please say that again.
mou ikkai itte kudasai
“mou” = another
“ikkai” = one time
“itte” = say
“kudasai” = please
Please repeat after me.
ato ni tudsuite yonde kudasai
“ato” = later
“tudsuite” = follow
“yonde” = read
Please click here.
koko wo kurikku shite kudasai
“koko” = here
“kurikku” = click
“shite” = a kind of variations of “do”
Where should I click?
doko wo kurikku sureba iidesu ka?
“doko” = where
“sureba” = a conditional form of “do”
“ii” = good
I will call you again.
kake naoshi masu
“kake” = call
“naoshi” = again
Please wait.
matte kudasai
“matte” = wait
I can see/hear you.
mie masu/kikoe masu
“mie” = can see
“kikoe” = can hear
Can you hear/see me?
kikoe masu ka?/mie masu ka?
“kikoe” = can hear
“mie” = can see
“masuka?” = (can) you?
I can’t hear/see you.
kikoe masen/mie masen
“kikoe” = can hear
“mie” = can see
“masen” = (can’t) .
Please add me as a contact.
kontakuto ni irete kudasai
“kontakuto” = contact
“irete” = let me in
Please read the article.
kono bunshou wo yonde kudasai
“bunnshou” = article
“yonde” = read
*You may just say “yonde kudasai”
Please check the chatbox.
tyatto bokkusu wo mite kudasai
“tyatto” = chat
“bokkusu” = box
“mite” = see
Please open the link.
rinku wo hiraite kudasai
“rinku” = link
“hiraite” = open

Well, how did you like the contents this time?

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