What Makes an Effective Online Tutor

Many professionals, especially those who are looking into working from the convenience of their home, are gravitating towards online teaching. To ensure only the best quality of education is delivered in this setup, here is a list of factors one must consider to be an effective online tutor:   1. Time-Management Skills Online teaching isn’t[…]

Para Sa Araw Ng Mga Bayani

Andres Bonifacio Monument (c) Get in Travel, retrieved from http://www.getintravel.com/manila-philippines/andres-bonifacio-monument-located-at-rizal-park-in-manila-philippines/ Mahirap man tanggapin, maraming digmaan ang naganap, hindi lang sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas kundi maging sa buong mundo. Mga bayani, mga kalaban, mga inosente — milyon-milyong tao ang nag-alay ng buhay sa mga digmaan. Maswerte tayong namumuhay sa mapayapang panahon na alay sa atin ng[…]

The World of Peanuts: Snoopy Museum in Tokyo

Snoopy Plushies (c) Snoopy Museum Tokyo, retrieved from http://www.snoopymuseum.tokyo/en/ Where is that? Entrance to Snoopy Mueseum Tokyo (c) Snoopy Museum Tokyo, retrieved from http://www.snoopymuseum.tokyo/en/ Located at the heart of the city and a mere seven minute walk away from the Roppongi Station of Tokyo, one could enjoy the heartwarming world of Peanuts. Despite being in[…]

Obon: Summer Vacation for Deceased People

Obon is one of the longest national holiday week in Japan.Airplane tickets, hotels, parking, and all other things related to leisure increase in price. Almost all highways are stuck all day. 目次 (Mokuji) Table of contents Summary Origin Notice Explanation Should you ever have any trouble translating JP ⇔ EN, our dictionary might help. このページのみかた How[…]